Manawatu College - Haere I Tou Kaha - Personal Best

Student Code of Conduct

Students are expected to always act in a manner which is respectful of themselves, others, their property and their environment. Their behaviour needs to bring credit to themselves and to Manawatū College. This Code of Conduct applies to school trips, school functions and on the way to and from school, not just at school.


Respect yourself

  • Wear the uniform correctly: 
    • the tops of shorts, trousers & skirts are to be on the waist, not the hips
    • sandals are to be worn properly with the backs up
  • Students are required to attend school whenever it is open unless they are ill or facing a serious family emergency.
  • Attend and be on time to every class
  • Bring appropriate equipment to each class.
  • Be on task and complete homework.
  • Be honest.

Respect others

  • Be considerate and courteous towards other students, staff and visitors. Physical or verbal abuse is unacceptable and put downs and bullying will not be tolerated.
  • Do not deny teachers the right to teach and other students to learn.
  • Pay attention in class and avoid interrupting.
  • Follow instructions the first time they are given.
  • Respect the property of others, including school property.

Respect our environment

Please respect the College environment. Keep it clean and tidy and litter-free. Do not damage it or allow it to be damaged in any way.


  • Students may not bring any of the following items into the school grounds or use or consume them either at school, at school functions, on school trips or on the way to or from school:
    • cigarettes, tobacco, narcotics or any questionable substances, matches, lighters, deodorant cans, alcohol, solvents, fireworks, any kind of weapon, pornography, headphones, MP3 players, IPODs and all other music players.
  • Cellphones are permitted at ManawatÅ« College, but they may not be visible and/or audible in class or Group time or Assemblies. Those seen or heard will be immediately confiscated.
  • Water is the only liquid refreshment allowed in class. However it is not permitted in the computer rooms or around computers in other rooms.
  • Eating in class or group rooms is not permitted.
  • The chewing of gum etc is not permitted at any time at College or at College events away from the school.