Manawatu College - Haere I Tou Kaha - Personal Best


Our Vision:

Our students succeeding together in a caring and supportive environment.


How does this happen?

Students succeed together because Manawatū College works in partnership with whānau and the community to provide students with the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills, self esteem and
attitudes needed to adapt to an increasingly changing world. We view learning as being enjoyable,
challenging and meaningful so that our students are inspired to become highly motivated and active participants in the learning process.

This is expressed in our motto:

"Haere I tou kaha - Personal Best”.

Students are supported as we embed a culture of success by actively encouraging and celebrating academic, leadership, cultural and sporting achievement. Restorative processes address behavioural
issues in a way designed to "put things right” and strengthen relationships. This allows students to
learn and develop the skills required for personal and collective development.

Students are cared for within our MANA programme where a key value we hold as vital is that of respect. The MANA programme is alive in every classroom, every relationship, every communication and in our environment. Our focus is on the changing and varying needs of every student. We celebrate our diversity, seeing it as strength and as a powerful tool for educating the whole person and growing good citizens who celebrate life, accept differences and develop into active, independent and caring New Zealanders.

How well are we doing?

The "Special Features” button reveals what students and parents have to say of their current experience of Manawatū College. Their opinions are representative of many. 

The "What Does ERO Say?” button provides access to three-yearly reviews of the College conducted by the Education Review Office.

Below is a summary of the first three pages of the 2010 Report:
  • Respectful, affirming relationships among students and with teachers contribute to an environment conducive to learning. Vertical mentor groups and peer support programmes encourage positive interactions across age groups. Students at all year levels enjoy leadership opportunities that develop potential.
  • Students are highly engaged in classes where they:
    -  Understand and contribute to the learning focus
    -  Know their achievement and progress
    -  Receive individual support
    -  Have next steps clearly identified
    -  Feel confident to take risks
  • Settled environments and the schoolwide focus on learning contribute to effective use of class time.
  • The MANA positive guidance programme underpins school practices. Restorative practices are emphasised. 
  • The Manawatū College Achievement Certificate motivates juniors to complete work and to focus on achievement.
  • A mentoring system provides each student with regular one-on-one academic and career goal-setting opportunities.
  • The school environment effectively fosters the holistic development of Māori students, who demonstrate confidence and articulate pride in their school.
  • Small class sizes contribute to students being well known and supportive.
  • Student learning is supported by many effective teaching strategies.
  • Staff purposefully review subjects and courses to ensure senior programmes are responsive to students' needs and interests. Multi-level classes allow students to learn at their own pace.
  • A wide range of initiatives supports students identified as at risk of not achieving and those requiring extension.
  • Senior leaders, staff, parents and whānau successfully collaborate to improve outcomes for students.
  • The school has a wide range of effective interventions and strategies to ensure students remain engaged with education.