Manawatu College - Haere I Tou Kaha - Personal Best


Students are expected to wear their uniforms with respect for themselves and pride in their school.

Uniform is compulsory in Years 9 to 12.  Although Year 13 students are allowed to wear mufti, and periodically the whole College has a mufti day, what is worn must be appropriate. Copies of the Mufti
Dress Code are available from the College Office and are on display in classrooms.

There is no winter or summer uniform. The uniform items for boys and girls listed here can be worn in combinations appropriate for the weather.

All items of uniform are available through the Manawatū College Uniform Shop, which is accessible between 8.30am and 2.00pm each school day.
A uniform price list is available from the College Office.


  • Manawatū College tartan skirt, the length of which is to be between the knee and mid-calf
  • Manawatū College blouse (plain white t-shirts may be worn under the regulation blouse but are not to be visible other than at the neck)
  • Manawatū College jersey
  • Manawatū College jacket (two weights available)
  • White knee-high regulation College socks, plain white ankle socks (not anklets) or black tights must be worn with either style of regulation shoe (below)
  • Flat plain black sandals (worn without socks), or plain black leather lace up college shoes, or plain black closed slip-on shoes with substantial soles and a strap in front of the ankle. Please note that ballet-style shoes are not acceptable.


  • Manawatū College charcoal shorts
  • Manawatū College clerical grey dress trousers
  • Manawatū College shirt (plain white t-shirts may be worn under the regulation shirt but are not to be visible other than at the neck)
  • Manawatū College jersey
  • Manawatū College jacket (two weights available)
  • Black socks with College blue stripes to be worn with shorts
  • Plain black ankle socks to be worn with dress trousers
  • Plain black sandals (worn without socks) or plain black polishable lace-up or slip-on Oxford style leather or vinyl shoes
  • Boots and canvas shoes are not acceptable


Students are able to wear suitable ‘mufti' clothes for Physical Education


College tracksuits are compulsory for all students representing the College in sport and other activities. College
tracksuits are compulsory travelling and sideline uniform for all members of all College sports teams. Tracksuit tops are not to be worn around the school as a substitute for a College jacket.


The College provides most sports uniform on loan.

Students are required to purchase:

  • royal blue/sky blue College sports socks for hockey, soccer and non-1st XV rugby
  • College unisex sports shorts for hockey, soccer and basketball
  • A College track suit, if they don't already have one



  • Manawatū College cap
  • Manawatū College scarf
  • Manawatū College tie, which is to be worn with a plain white short or long-sleeved stiff-collared business blouse or shirt



  • Nail polish and obvious make-up are not to be worn with school uniform
  • Hair must always be clean and tidy. Extreme hair styles and un-natural colours are
    not acceptable. Male students are to be clean shaven.
  • Jewellery is restricted to one wrist watch, and one plain gold or silver stud or sleeper
    per ear for those wearing uniform.